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The company has its own laboratory facility to conduct Microbiological and other test of products and water on regular basis, such as:
  1. APC.
  2. Coliform.
  3. E. Coli.
  4. Salmonella.
  5. Staphyllococcus.
  6. Vibrio.


Social commitment

Medical Center/Dispensary:

The company established a Medical center and Charitable Dispensary in the year 1986 for the Medical Check up and proper treatment of the employees of the company under the HACCP idea. Initially it was established only for the company's own employee. From the very beginning it accrued goodwill in the field of medical treatment and the public attracted to this medical center for their personal treatment. Then the company opened its service for the poor inhabitants of the locality for their treatment at free of cost. The necessary fund is arranged for this medical center by the company in the following procedures:

Company pay to this fund @ Tk0.25 per Kg of Raw shrimps are purchased in the factory from the company's Account.

Company deduct and accumulate @ Tk.0 25 per Kg of shrimps purchased in the factory from the supplier's Account

In this format of fund collection both company and its supplier/Vendor participate in their social responsibilities.

Two nos of registered physicians (one of male and one of female), Nurses, Dispensary attendant, Medical Assistants are recruited in the Medical Center. Every worker is being Physically checked by the physicians once in a month.

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