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Production Process

Procedure for product Identification, Trace ability and Recall

Asian Seafood Limited has a systematic procedure for ensuring product identification, trace ability and recalls in case of deficiencies observed during production. The procedure ensures trace ability of the product to the centers of procurement. The procurements centers are given identification as follows, which enable the processor to locate the defective material.

The processing operations are in two shifts. For Shift-1 code no. is S-1 and For shift-2 code no. S-2. The coding Ticket is coded during panning. The production date is marked in Inner Carton and also in Master Carton. During the on line process control or in the final inspection stage any deviation/defects, if noticed, can easily be traced back to the raw material stage and also to the responsible person so that timely corrective actions/recalls could be effected. For easy with drawl or recall, product coding system included the adequate information printed on each retail cartons and on out side of all master cartons. The information's are:

  • Country of origin
  • Plant name and address
  • Production date and best before use date.
  • Grade/size identification and style of packing.
  • Shift code and supervisor code.

In master cartons serial number and lot number

Procedure for Dealing with customer complaints

  • All complaints related to quality are received by the Managing Director.
  • The Managing Director discusses the problem with General Manager, and Quality Control Manager.
  • The Quality Control Manager investigates the cause of the complaint and discusses the matter with the HACCP Team.
  • The products under complaint are identified under their code or the container number and the date shipment. These are traced through the shipment records and invoices enabling to identity the type of product and the quantity shipped. Since the company has got the best system of ensuring trace ability to the shift during which the products have been produced it is easy to identify the process parameters and the person responsible.
  • Reasons for the complaints are discussed once the process parameters are verified and adequate preventive actions are taken avoid recurrence of the same defects, if the complaints are genuine and authentic the claims are settled by paying compensation.
  • The same procedure is applicable for dealing with complaints from domestic as well as export markets.
  • Adequate preventive actions are initiated to avoid the recurrence of the same deficiency by QC.
  • The complete records of the same are kept with the Managing Director/ Executive Director.