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Asian Seafood Ltd has been in the field of processing of a variety of shrimp and fishery productS for export markets for the last 16 years. It is a unit of HABIBUR RAHMAN GROUP OF INDUSTRIES. The plant is located on the bank of the prominent river "Rupsha" of Khulna. The plant site is obviously very suitable for sea food processing specially for shrimp processing due to having facilities of getting sufficient raw materials and also for easy communication facilities both by road and riverine route.

Asian Sea Food Ltd, made a room in the world's frozen food market. For providing adequate facilities in the establishment for producing safe and quality fish and fishery products, the plant achieved US FDA Code NO. BK-23 & EU Approval No. KLN-08 as a token of clearance to export in US & EU frozen food market. The company has been rewarded with PRESIDENT GOLDEN TROPHY by the Government of Bangladesh in the year 1990-91,1992-93,1994-95,1996-97 for it's better contribution to the export sector of the country as a highest exporter of sea food products.

The company has already upgraded its facilities to meet all the requirements of European Union Directives and US FDA HACCP Regulations.

Considering the awareness of the consumers of the importing countries and to keep the name and fame and safety of "KOHINOOR'' brand products, the management of Asian Sea Food Ltd, agreed, in principle to adopt the HACCP based quality Management Program in the fish processing establishment.

Hence, Asian Sea Food Ltd. has already implemented HACCP based quality Assurance and Management Program to fulfill the requirement of preventing anticipated hazards by exercising proper remedial measures at different control points to guarantee the safety of frozen fish and fisheries products.

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